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1. What payment methods are available?
Accepted payment methods:
Online payment Visa credit/debit, Mastercard credit/debit, AMEX credit/debit.
At our office Visa credit/debit and Mastercard credit/debit
Not accepted payment methods:

2. Will I receive the exactly same car that I have ordered?
Yes, You will receive exactly the same car that You have ordered. In an event where we will not be able to provide You the same car that You have ordered we will contact You and offer a higher class car free of charge.

3. Are there any age restrictions or a minimum amount of driving experience required for car rentals at
There are no age-restrictions or minimum amount of driving experience required.

4. Are there any costs regarding age and/or driving experience?
No - there are no extra costs regarding age or driving experience of a driver.

5. What is a deposit and collision damage waiver?
It is a sum which will be frozen during Your car rental pick up. The sum depends on the class of the rental vehicle.
If new damage is found after Your car rental that sum will be used to compensate for the losses. In order to freeze the deposit a credit card (or a debit card if SUPER EASY insurance was selected) is needed. The card must be on the name of the person in who’s name the reservation was made. The credit card has to have its characters raised (embossed). No prepaid, virtual or any other card is accepted.

6. For how long is the deposit frozen?
Return of the deposit happens within 3 working days from the end of the reservation. The return of the deposit can be held up by Your bank. 

7. What is ‘’Full insurance” (same as SUPER EASY insurance), “SUPER INSURANCE” and "SMART INSURANCE"?
These are extra insurances offered by which:
Reduce collision damage waiver to 0 EUR
"SMART INSURANCE" reduces damage waiver to 0 EUR for window, wheels and exterior mirrors damgage. The deposit stays that same as without extra insurance (see below).
“Full insurance” and SUPER EASY insurance reduces deposit to 1 EUR and SUPER insurance reduces deposit to 450 EUR
“Full insurance” and SUPER EASY insurance offers Roadside assistance service (only in Lithuanian territory)
Without extra insurances Your collision damage waiver is 700-1500 EUR depending on the car class

7. What are rental car booking cancellation rules?
The client can cancel the reservation 7 days from the reservation confirmation day, but no later than 48 hours left until the reservation period starts. If the reservation is cancelled after the indicated period, the client won't arrive to the renting point on time that was chosen in the reservation, on those cases there will be a 50 EUR cancellation or not showing up fee. The client can cancel the reservation on the self-service website ( Use login in with Your username and password) or write to email address: (You have to mention Your reservation ID).

8. Are rental cars prepared for for winter?
Yes, all of rental cars are equipped by dealer authorized winter tires as well as winter tools such as snow brush and ice scraper.

9. How should I modify my car rental?
For car rental modifications please write us at or call us at +37052500128

10. Where can I travel with my rental car?  

There are no mileage restrictions and no country entry restrictions for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Going outside Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Poland is strictly forbidden and a fine of 1000 EUR will be issued.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

11. What documents am I required to have during my car rental pick up?
You must present Your passport or ID, drivers license and credit/debit card for the deposit.

12. Can I pick up / leave the car somewhere else?
The car can be picked up or left somewhere else in Vilnius City only. An additional 30 EUR fee for picking up the car and 30 EUR for leaving the car is applicable.

13. How will I receive the invoice?
The invoice shall be sent to your e-mail automatically, within 24 hours from the end of your reservation.

14. How can I reserve a car?
A car can be reserved online only at our website:

15. How can I pick up the car if I arrive late in the evening?
Car pick-ups during out-of-office hours will take place via the self-service system. All instructions shall be sent to you after you complete the reservation.

16. What should I do if my flight is late?
In case of a delay in your flight, please inform us by telephone at: +37052500128; or by e-mail at:

17.Where should I leave the car, its keys and the documents after the rental is over?
The car must be returned to the parking lot of the, on the third semi-level (marked in red), or elsewhere in Vilnius City (if such a service was selected). The keys and documents must be placed into the key disposal area on the third semi-level, or brought to the office during office hours (Mon-Fri 8.00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.).

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